Welcome to my website.

“Do not hire a man who does your work for money, but him who does it for love of it.”

Henry David Thoreau

My name is Markus Kosmal. I am an agile and solution oriented software creator.

At this site you get some information about me and my projects, what I do and what I already did.

Contact me via me (ät) to get more information. In the meanwhile you can have a look at the links. You can see some of my samples there.

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After experiments with nursing and teaching others how to dive, I decided to follow my mother's advice. Now I do what I always did (somehow). Working with computer, hard- and software.

I grew up with Commodore and Atari. When I was ten, there was a computer store in town. The owner wanted to get rid of all the old stuff in the basement. I was begging my mother to get me there with the car and fetch all the hardware. Several old 386, 486 DX2s, antique iron steel server racks, at least miles of cable and many more parts.

I collected what I found in my family's basement. Spent weeks down there, understanding, repairing and working with the machines. Built programs, networks and firewalls the one day - attacked and destroyed them the other day.

I learned the basics and got my first set of tools at infoteam Software AG. Gained a lot of experience with different software development projects during internship, traineeship and then working there as software engineer.

Now, as a versatile and professional solution engineer with a commitment to and experience of developing innovative and creative software systems, I am able to perform full software development life cycle activities.

Grown to a web/mobile solution consultant - inventing, modeling and implementing cloud based cross-platform applications.

The last place I worked at was adorsys. There I was consultant and full stack developer for ERGO.direkt, usually most of the time at the customer's offices.

What I do at the moment

At the moment I work for several web producing companies most of the time. Additionally I work as a freelancer, doing smaller closed projects for different customers on my own.
I'm always looking for new challenges. Feel free to contact me via me (ät)

  • Work within Java for scalable backends with e.g. javax.enterprise, jboss/wildfly, REST, websockets, OpenShift/RedHat, mongodb, elasticsearch, hibernate etc.
  • Cross-platform responsive web clients with HTML5, based on AngularJS, Bootstrap, GWT and others
  • Native clients with OSX/iOS(objective-c, Swift), Windows Desktop/Phone(C#, MVVM, WPF), Android/Google Glass(Java)
  • Consultant for web and mobile solutions, platform independent, cloud based – server and client with versatile APIs
  • Multi-level security and crypto tasks like secure quick reliable login SQRL


Coding is Art

My artist portfolio consists amongst others of:

  • Software creation from ideas to working systems
  • Full stack development, low-level/embedded - middleware - server/services - UI/UX
  • Web Art | Web Design | Web Services
  • Consultant for web and mobile solutions
  • Usability engineering
  • Requirements engineering
  • Scrum
  • Testing/QA with Unittests and automated GUI tests
  • Complete application lifecycle management with git, svn, maven, jira, hudson/jenkins, emma, team foundation server etc.